We hope this guide can inspire you to go and experiment using different types of wood chips for smoking on your Dyna-Glo Smoker.

With a smoker, you can smoke all kinds of meats including briskets, pulled pork, prime rib, chicken turkey and the list goes on.

Pairing wood chips with a specific type of food will depend on the preferences of the user, so be creative and try different flavors.

  • Hardwoods such as hickory, pecan, apple, cherry or mesquite typically burn slower and produce more smoke over long periods of time.
  • To prolong the burn cycle for wood chips, pre-soak them in a separate bowl of water for at least 30 minutes, and/or wrap the chips in perforated aluminum foil.
  • Most smoke flavoring occurs within the first hour of cooking. Adding wood chips after the first hour is typically not necessary unless extra smoke flavoring is desired.

Finally, while meats are the most popular food to smoke, you can also smoke nuts, cheeses, vegetables and more. Woods that have a milder flavor are recommended for non-meat items.

If you’re feeling unsure, yet adventurous at the same time, why not grab a variety pack of wood chips to sample a variety of wood chip types.


Wood chip typeSmoke FlavorPorkRibsBeefChickenTurkeyFishNote:


MildtickticktickMild sweet and musky smoke


MildticktickticktickticktickMild and sweet flavor with a slight hint of fruity flavor.  Each species of Applewood should offer a slightly different flavor. Apple smoke produces an attractive browning effect.


MediumticktickticktickticktickProduces a sweet smoke with a natural nutty flavor.


MildticktickticktickticktickMild sweet and fruity


MildtickticktickVery light flavor.


MildticktickLemon and orange wood produce light but fruity flavor.


MildticktickticktickticktickLight and fruity flavor.


MildticktickticktickWood such as Peach, Pear, and Plum produce a mild but sweet smoke with a hint of fruity flavor.
Wood chip typeSmoke FlavorPorkRibsBeefChickenTurkeyFishNote:


MediumtickGrapevine wood produces a lot of smoke. A little wood goes a long way. It produces a tart flavor that has a hint of fruit.


StrongtickticktickHickory is arguably the favorite wood for smoking.  Hickory produces a very strong flavor so we recommend starting slowly with this wood.


MildticktickticktickticktickLight and sweet


StrongticktickticktickticktickMuch like Hickory, Mesquite is very popular and produces a strong flavor.


MediumticktickticktickticktickAnother wood that produces heavy smoke. Start slowly with this wood.


MildticktickticktickticktickProduces a light smoke that offers a sweet and nutty flavor.


MildticktickticktickticktickMild and sweet smoke

Note: Avoid smoking with Eastern cedar, cypress, elm, eucalyptus, liquid amber, pine, redwood, fir, spruce, and sycamore. These trees are high in resin and oils that cause a thick smoke when lit.